Mercedes G 500 4×42 Cabrio 2018: advance model with body “Soft Top”

Mercedes G 500 4×4² Cabrio 2018 - teaser

Teaser of the Mercedes G 500 4×42 Cabrio 2018.

During these last few weeks we have photographed on several occasions a mysterious prototype Mercedes G-Class 2018. The new generation of the iconic off-road continues to make progress in their development of inexorable way, and we’ve already hunted in its base version, as well as in your option more sporty and radical, the Mercedes-AMG G63 2018. However, this enigmatic prototype, since it was seen for the first time, has done no more than raise doubts.

the canvas with The camouflaging area in back made us think at first that we were facing the back of the body pick-up with the arrival of the new generation of the Mercedes Class G. however, there were many details that didn’t end to fit and that is why we are opened to other options. It is clear that the canvas we anticipate a body which we can enjoy driving in the open air. And so it is. Although we have made progress events.

After ruling out that it could be trying a new G-Class Pick-up and to carefully analyze some of the aspects of this prototype hunted in two testing sessions, it became clear to us that under all the camouflage hides a new variant of the Mercedes G 500 4×42. An option is convertible with body type “Soft Top” that, combined with all features and capabilities of the above model, sure to offer you a cocktail very interesting to enjoy a day on the mountain squeezing the most out of your mechanical.

Mercedes G 500 4×4² Cabrio 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy of the Mercedes G 500 4×42 Cabrio 2018 during a testing session of the winter. Photo: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien.

With the first teaser that the head of this article, the German manufacturer we anticipate that the off-road “ultimate” has prepared another “big surprise” after the launch of the Mercedes-AMG G 6×6. As we say, we are faced with a Mercedes G 500 4×42 Cabrio with bodywork Soft Top. What is still lacking in knowing is the official name that will receive, although it is very possible that you simply will add the “last” Convertible.

The teaser shows part of the rear of this new model, and although it is not very revealing, it is obvious that you will have some steps wheel in carbon fiber and a large central light brake located above the spare wheel. It also provides a glimpse of the cover plate of the low and a very on-high.

From Mercedes urge us to be attentive as soon disclosed more details. Still have not confirmed when it will be presented. The Geneva motor show 2017 is just around the corner, will take place next march. Missed this quote automobile, it is clear that the mark of the star will be the living Room of Frankfurt, 2017 September as the stage for his debut.