Mercedes G-Class Pick-up 2018 are hunted? So is the enigmatic prototype photographed

The development of the new generation of the Mercedes G Class remains in place. From
a few weeks ago the engineers of the German brand have been transferred to the north
of Europe to put to the limit the different prototypes that are available
and as well verify what is the behavior of the iconic off-road
extreme conditions with low temperatures, snow and ice.

Mercedes Clase G 2018 - foto espía

We go back to photograph the mysterious prototype Mercedes G-Class 2018 with battle extended.

To date we have managed to photograph both the base model as the version of sporty character with the seal of AMG. However, a few weeks ago, our photographers caught from the distance, a mysterious and enigmatic prototype of Mercedes G-Class with battle extended. The camouflage that was used gave him a look more reminiscent of a shoe box.

well, after a while, we are back to hunt down a prototype very similar, in that it presents some modifications both in behind and in the side. And although there are those who claim that we are in the body type pick-up of the Mercedes G-Class, you anticipate that it is not so. Our reports indicate that this is not the G-Class Pick-up. But before we get into the details, it is important to see what changes it introduces with respect to the prototype seen in mid-December.

in Addition to adding still camouflage in the form of vinyl at the front, the engineers of Mercedes have installed a sidebars under the flaps to facilitate the access to and exit from the passenger compartment. And is that the body has a very high position. In the posterior area also make act of presence other horizontal bars that cover side to side.

Mercedes Clase G 2018 - foto espía

There are those who claim that we are in the new Mercedes G-Class Pick-up, although our data point to the contrary.

Just above the cargo area that remains with your form grid view above, there is a canvas with which to hide even more detail. Everything points to that we are faced with a variant of battle extended (a longer wheelbase). An option that the vast majority of cases it has been associated in the past to the body “Station Wagon”. Therefore, what we will be in this version? There are more possibilities, although all of them less are less likely.

, The body’s most well-known Mercedes G-Class

therefore, if as we say we are, it’s not about the body pick-up of the new Mercedes G-Class 2018, what type of body they are testing the engineers of Mercedes-Benz? The popular off-road German has been available since its launch, according to what markets, along side a great variety of variants and body types that have allowed us to create a very large family.

While in Spain, currently the Mercedes G-Class is only available with the body base (4.662 mm long and 2.850 mm of battle), and the version the house brand Mercedes-AMG, is a far cry from all the options that the signing of the star has developed and marketed since already some decades ago.

Mercedes Clase G 2018 - foto espía

this is the front of the prototype of the Mercedes G-Class 2018 photographed.

¿What kind of bodies have been available in the range of the Mercedes G-Class? Since its launch, the most important and popular that they have been sold were the following: van (van), convertible (cabriolet), Station Wagon, Double Cab and Pick-up. Not to mention the variant with three axles (6×6).