Mercedes G500 4×42 by Mansory, lots of carbon fibre to this exclusive off-road

The Mercedes G 500 4×42 is one of the suv more exclusive at the same time, which are capable of the market. With a high price and a limited production in units, we are in the Mercedes G-Class with greater capabilities off the road, if we forget about the special Mercedes G 63 AMG 6×6 three-axle drive.

Tires 22 inch, axes gantry with a ground clearance of almost half a meter high angles of input and output, three differentials lockable… it Is clear that the Mercedes-Benz G 500 4×42 is able to step in almost any terrain, if it is that their owners as well consider it.

As a good vehicle with many zeros in its price, in Mansory have not let pass the opportunity of putting their particular view on it. Capable of the best and worst, again, your customization will not leave you indifferent, betting on luxury and differentiation, with the carbon fiber as the main protagonist and the sky blue in your body.

The Mercedes G 500 4×42 of Mansory stands out by its new front grille carbon, which includes the logo of the coach with a big ‘M’. Its front hood is made of the same material, and includes an air inlet top for cooling. The housing of its lenses also use, what guess?, carbon fiber-once more, with lighting Full LED.

exterior, the last details in carbon are their mastodónticos wheel arches and mirrors, while the cabin is also dressed up with the decorative trim the quoted material to the bare. Metal pedals, new steering wheel and leather-trimmed seats -with seams by drawing a collar on your side Рcomplete the customization of Mansory for the inside.

The engine V8 Biturbo 4.0-liter present in this G 500 4×42 increases its power thanks to the electronic management Mansory PowerBox, ascending from the 422 HP of series up to the 485 HP: this is, +63 HP and +100 Nm of maximum torque thanks to this reprogramming. do Thumb up, or thumb down for this new work of Mansory?