Mercedes gives permission to your S-Class to come out only from the factory

technology in the automotive sector has evolved at a breakneck pace. In the last three decades has advanced more than in the one hundred years they have been in the market the firms more veterans of the industry. As an exponent of what we talk about we have to Mercedes-Benz with their S-Class, as the flagship of the German firm has been responsible for releasing each and every one of the most up to date security systems of the firm.

The current generation S-Class just suffered a slight restyling of half-life. So, to reaffirm its dominant position in the market Mercedes-Benz has been equipped with the latest there is in technology. Among the items you have received has been the technology to be able to to drive autonomously in certain situations.

According to Mercedes-Benz, it will not be much time for that all cars may exit the line of manufacturing of a fully autonomous. So convinced are they of this fact, to prove this theory and the power of its S-Class have decided to make a video. In it we see several steps of their manufacture, and how one of the models newly manufactured in the flagship of the brand comes out only from the factory.

The person who is riding in the passenger seat is none other than Markus Schäfer, responsible of the production of Mercedes-Benz. In the time it takes the video tells us that the next cars of the firm will be able to leave in an autonomous way the factory and head to the house of her owner without any intervention by the driver or system of conveyance.

For now this video only reflects the intentions that has the signature of the star and the real potential they have to comply with them. The reason is that you still cannot carry out, but you have to remember that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class can already circular form semi-autonomous motorway driving so as to overtake other cars autonomously.

Will see how long it takes to get this technology to the rest of models of the range Mercedes-Benz. But at the rate it’s going the driving autonomous does not have to take a long time if you don’t want to be left behind with the competition.

Source – Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz)

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