Mercedes GLC Coupe, the closer you get to production


The renovation SUV at Mercedes-Benz will be implemented in the coming months in the form of another new model. The name change started in the Class Mercedes GLC it was also a complete generational renewal, making it one of the SUV of compact size and aspirations ‘premium’ most prominent.

as happened with the Mercedes GLE Coupe, the family GLC will also extend this version with more dynamics: the Mercedes GLC Coupe seeks to attract new customers with its style that is more sporty and youthful. The changes in design will not be too deep, limited to a fall descending from the ceiling on his back, next to a front bumper-style sports.

Those details are still partially hidden in this unit evidence of the Mercedes GLC Coupe 2016, photographed in Sweden. Despite this, one can infer perfectly what will be your final design, and the result is differentiated with respect to the GLC standard, and that will be based directly on the prototype Mercedes GLC Coupe Concept, presented in the past Hall of Shanghai 2015.


don’t expect to see changes in your interior or equipment options, calcando everything offered in these sections by the recently-launched Mercedes GLC. Also the range of engines of the Mercedes GLC Coupe will be directly inherited from his brother, more traditional, and your time is virtually identical to that of the Mercedes Class C.

In the GLC Coupe, we’ll see a Mercedes GLC Coupe plug-in hybrid, as well as a Mercedes GLC Coupe 450 AMG Sport with 367 HP. Of course, the bulk of the range will be composed of the efficient diesel engines or four-cylinder petrol, already known. The GLC Coupe production will be officially presented during this newly-launched 2016: we expect its arrival to the market towards the second half of the year, rivaling with models like the BMW X4.