Mercedes GLC Coupe: what price difference there is with the regular version, with the GLC?

Already know the price of Mercedes GLC Coupe, alternative of the Mercedes to the BMW X4, we have counted everything in the article “Mercedes GLC Coupe, we already know its price: you will see the faces with the Porsche Macan and the BMW X4,” but what price difference there is with the model, “normal”, with the Mercedes GLC? Time to find that out.

Between 3.200 and 5,000 euros difference in function of the motorization:

By now, Mercedes only has presented three alternatives to the Mercedes GLC Coupe, alternatives which also we find in the range of Mercedes GLC “normal”, leaving us with the following differences:

Mercedes GLC 250 – 52.376 euros
Mercedes GLC 250 Coupe – 55.583 euros

Mercedes GLC 220 d – 51.527 euros
Mercedes GLC 220 d Coupé – 56.083 euros

Mercedes GLC 250 d – 53.526 euros
Mercedes GLC 250 d Coupe – 58.433 euros

The difference, therefore, is some 3,200 euros in the version of gasoline and between 4.550 and 4.900 euros in the versions diesel, taking into account that feature in both cases with the same engines, 211, 170 and 204 horses, respectively, and a good endowment of equipment series.

in Addition, in all cases, both the version “normal” as a coupé, we find awd and automatic gearbox of double clutch series.