Mercedes GLC: from all angles, a new look at substitute GLK

Mercedes has replaced the hitherto knew as Mercedes GLK for Mercedes GLC new bill, as in his moment came with the Mercedes ML and GLE . More familiar Aires, traits shared with other new products, softened nerves … we can enjoy a new gallery .

With outputs ranging from 170 to 362 horses from GLC 450 AMG , in the absence of a future AMG of more power, the Mercedes GLC even has a plug-in hybrid alternative, the GLC 350e , sharing a set of 279 horses that we are already in the Mercedes Class C.

All options come with automatic and total traction. In addition Mercedes has not forgotten its offroad capabilities. In Spain it is available from 47,900 euros and arrives to address alternatives such as BMW X3 and Audi Q5 . Later we meet an alternative coupe, the Mercedes GLC Coupe.

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