Mercedes GLC: video and flaunting offroad skills

Farewell to Mercedes GLK hello to the new Mercedes GLC . Mercedes has changed the name of Mercedes GLK and with this change, this new denomination, has given us a totally new generation that can now be seen in video .

New design features on the outside, a room in the footsteps of Mercedes Class C and a mechanical range is left, for now, an 4Matic 170 hp 220d and Mercedes GLC 250d of 204 horses both diesel, both AWD.

Ready to face Audi Q5 at BMW X3 at Volvo XC60 … Mercedes GLC is available priced at 47,900 euros .

To learn more about the new Mercedes GLC

You can learn more about this new Mercedes GLC in the article “The Mercedes GLC is the new SUV Mercedes through and these are the eight key” . In addition we tell you how was his coming-out in the article “Karl Benz Hugo Boss dress in the presentation GLC : something has changed in Mercedes, and throughout the industry”


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Gallery Mercedes GLC: video and flaunting offroad skills
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view photos (50) [1.99907 million]


In video, time to give the play:

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