Mercedes GLS 2016, new name, same class

The Mercedes GLS 2016 has already made act of presence. The large SUV brand comes with lifting aesthetic, more technology, more efficiency and power, but the same luxury, refinement and comfort, for something is named as the S-Class of SUVS. For those who are interested will have to wait, since the first deliveries will not be until march of next year.


The aesthetic changes are not very deep, but enough to keep up with the GLS

Starting from the aesthetic aspect, Mercedes has renewed slightly the image that we had of the old GL. Lhe new standards of the firm make a design more smoothing and curvilinear. A character that in this case we do not see as marked as in other models such as the AMG GT S or the future Mercedes E Class 2016.

The old lighthouses have been replaced by new ones, more in keeping with the rest of the fleet. The front grille has a new design, two wide stripes bearing the three-pointed star. The front bumper also changed, becoming more forceful than the previous, something that we had already seen in a few leaks prior.

behind its renewal is leaner. The headlights change, which like the fronts are more rounded, and the bumper also includes a redesign, especially in the area of the exhaust, more subtle and better integrated. Otherwise no changes, just highlight the new sets of wheels up to 21 inches that has been designed Mercedes.


The interior features a new console, with the already known fixed screen at the top of the dashboard

Its more than five meters long-have always allowed the GLS (we forget the name GL) to have a habitable and enviable. With seven-passenger capacity and a huge cargo area in this case has been improved, showing a minimum of 680 liters, expandable to an incredible 2.300 if you folded down the second row of seats.

Both passengers as well as cargo may travel on one of the ships are more luxurious and that is able to conceive the brand. In this there is no difference with its predecessor, but in the amount of technology that is incorporated. latest generation Systems for both the equipment infotainment as well as for security, by doing that we are before one of the SUV’s insurance market.

In the section mechanical engineers have managed to maintain already existing blocks, improving slightly the figures of power, but by reducing the data of consumption and emissions. All blocks conform to the regulations Euro6. Their powers come from the 258 HORSEPOWER, and can reach 585 version GLS 63 4MATIC. Series, all units will come with an automatic 9G-Tronic, except the drive GLS 63 which will have a greater change in sports.

The Mercedes GLS is designed for long routes in the most comfortable way possible, comfort is the main goal, but that’s not why the germans have forgotten about the dynamism. Various parameters may be adjusted via a wheel selection, such as the suspension, throttle, and change direction. There will even be a setup off-road for those who dare to take this giant out of the asphalt.


The GLS 63 will carry his power up to 585 HP, one of the SUV world’s most powerful

As we say GLS, 2016 will arrive at dealers until march of next year, but they already support the first orders, at least in Germany, where the prices start in the 62.850 euros. It is assumed that for the Spanish market this figure rises to 70,000 euros, approximately.