Mercedes GLS, so is his front completely exposed

Mercedes GLS frontal filtrado Mercedes GLS you have very little to show. We speak not of a new generation, but an update to the Mercedes GL, with the new denomination is to be renamed GLS. Makes few hours filtering the first images, especially knowing a renewed rear, but now filters on the front in all its splendor and what we recognize as a member of the new family Mercedes.

Until now we knew the rear part of the front, the calender, but now it is the whole car in a view fronto-lateral that is able to discover the appearance of the new luxury SUV Mercedes. There is not much to highlight, and that is that the swift with the image of the one who now enjoys the range Mercedes, and that covers almost all models.

Mercedes GLS filtradoIs a case similar to that we saw with the Mercedes ML, now GLE, a in-depth review of the only moments we can talk about what’s new aesthetic. El morro receives the new grille and new headlights, as well as the rounded forms of the new bumper.

Back, as we saw it, it premiered a few new riders profiled, with LED technology, and a new termination to the bumper. There will be new tires, and new packages of style, as well as new colors. An AMG version will also be starring as top of the range high performance.

Although we don’t know information about the new version of the Mercedes GLS, we expect a technological innovation and the inclusion of new gadgets that are now available in the latest releases of the brand. It is not surprising that there will also be improvements to the chassis level and new levels of comfort.

Source – Wolrldscoop

Mercedes GLS frontal filtrado
Mercedes GLS filtrado
Mercedes GLS filtrado

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