Mercedes GLT, the mule of the pickup German as wheel


The mule of the Mercedes TEAM since wheel

Mercedes has already started with the testing of their new, and first, pickup mid-size. The germans dare with a new segment for them with the help of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. In fact it will take as a basis the new generation of the pickup, Nissan Navara, a benchmark in its segment that will be produced at Nissan’s plant in Barcelona for the three brands.

In Europe will occur in Barcelona

Currently responds to the name of Class Mercedes GLT, name still unconfirmed. Will use the well-known pickup as a base, but the German version will be conveniently adapted the design language of the latest models of the star and will reach the expectations of its most demanding customers in terms of quality, materials, settings, and technology.

The new Mercedes GLT hides under the appearance of a Nissan NP300 Navara last generation, a costume suitable for the occasion that does not prevent us from recognizing that this mule has fenders and wheel arches wider than usual. Part of that tuition which reveals to us its origin is German.


Before 2020 we will see the pickup driving on our streets, in fact his debut will take place at the end of 2017 approximately. Its main aim is to captivate the customers of Europe, Australia, South Africa and Latin america but also will land in the US.

Daimler has signed a strategic agreement with the Renault-Nissan Alliance to ride a plant in Mexico that allow to sell them in the united States without so many taxes, that we will be able to offer a product at very competitive price.

The mechanics are not yet defined but we hope that in your offer are available proponents of four-and six-cylinder in both petrol as well as diesel, at least here in Europe. These blocks will work together to all-wheel drive 4MATIC in combination with a six-speed manual transmission or automatic seven -.