Mercedes GLT would be the name of the pickup developed jointly with Nissan


Mercedes-GLT-Pickup L he news we met a few weeks ago just Mercedes-Benz will have its first pickup, which will be developed jointly with Nissan and Renault will change its version. In a recent interview with the British publication Car Magazine Volker Mornhinweg , who serves as head of the project, he announced some news about this new model.

In principle it seems that their trade name is Mercedes GLT, but still needs confirmation officially. The pickup GLT will be developed based on the Navara / Frontier Nissan, but will use fully differentially exterior design , plus a different mechanics.

But of course that the common denominator of the project are common modular components as the platform, axles and body structure. But as a mechanical level will be difference between brands, Mercedes confirmed that under the hood of GLT be located engines 4 and 6 cylinders , among which will be versions diesel turbo , and may be associated to either a six-speed manual transmission as a automatic seven relations .

The pickup Mercedes GLA, although it was based on a Nissan platform, will have its own engines.

[1999005 it] Furthermore, Mornhinweg indicated that customers may opt for a independent suspension system for the rear axis, as if also a system of traction on the four wheels 4Matic. However bodywork options were limited only to the double cab with 4 doors, at least in the initial offering.

Since the end of the day is a product Mercedes-Benz , both finishing as the equipment will be at the height of the German mark. Is expected to have an interior inspired by GLC and GLE , with items such as a panoramic glass roof, a rear window electric opening tailgate and even a cargo which may be locked at an angle 90 or 180 degrees, among the most notable elements.

Mornhinweg left also clear that the intentions of Mercedes are not competing against Ford, General Motors and RAM in United States , where Big Three dominate almost 90% of that market. That’s why the attention focus is on a small light pickup and in markets like South America, Africa and the Middle East , is perceived as a product premium.


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