Mercedes “has to respond with force” in Monaco, according to Toto Wolff


The disaster that the first round of the Grand Prix of Spain brought to Mercedes threatened to unleash a new internal crisis and division even greater between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, that have already gone through different peaks of tension in the last two years. The comings and goings of the motorhome Mercedes minutes after the collision between the two drivers imply that the team took cards in the matter of multiples.

Now, in a full week of Monaco Grand Prix, the German team seeks to reaffirm its position as the team’s dominant in the category, and to discourage any hint of battle by Ferrari and Red Bull. This has been expressed Toto Wolff, who ensures that the team has overcome the situation which took place in Barcelona:

“Clearly, what happened in Barcelona was hard to take. We were upset by the missed opportunity, but so are the races. The pilots know how to operate. The team has the responsibility to give them the best car possible, and them, the of make the most of them and bring them back. When we are disappointed, we apologize, and the same thing happens in the opposite case. It is a culture quite normal: we handle the setbacks together, and we spend page. Now, we’re going to Monaco, a challenge very different”.

In terms of the next race in the streets monegasque, Wolff acknowledges the advances of his rivals, and urges the team not to be relied upon to maintain their competitive advantage.

“again, we have seen that our rivals have made progress, so that we have a battle even greater between the hands. Red Bull ended in head in Barcelona after a fight very matched with Ferrari, so it is clear that we are being attacked from several angles. We cannot rest on our laurels, so we must remain united and respond with force this weekend”.

The riders have had a week to digest the situation post-Montmeló and again focus to one of the most important events of the year. Both, at least, claim to have left behind what happened.

HAMILTON: “Thing in Barcelona was the worst feeling but, as I always say, the real test is to get up when you’ve been knocked out. It has been a tough time for all of us after the race, but that chapter is now closed and we have the sunset view in Monaco”.

ROSBERG: “I Was shattered by what happened in Spain, by myself, but above all for the team. We are all in this together, and I know how hard it is working around the world to make these awesome cars, so to finish the two in the gravel was the worst possible scenario. But we’ve talked about it, and now’s the time to leave it in the past“.