Mercedes held to have produced a million cars in China

Mercedes Clase E batalla de larga para mercado chinoChina is a market in which the cars Premium have a great draft, but in this market like passenger cars, especially those of a certain quality, have a large interior space. It is for this reason that the majority of european manufacturers who sell there a model “stretching” the distance between axles and the total length of their vehicles. One of the european brands with the highest number of sales in the country in the east is Mercedes-Benz.

The high rate of sales of Mercedes in China led him to build a plant-specific production for the chinese market. This plant was established as Beijing Benz Automotive (commonly known with the acronym BBAC) by partnering with Mercedes-Benz and the asian company BAIC. Well, this production facility, that it was inaugurated in the year 2005 and currently has 78,000 employees direct, has already produced one million Mercedes for the chinese market.

Mercedes Clase E batalla de larga para mercado chinoThe unit of this milestone of a million units is a Mercedes E-Class, which coincides with the first vehicle came off the production line in this same factory for more than a decade, eleven years specifically. In 2010, this factory began to produce the first units of the “, made in China, for China”, with Mercedes E-Class long wheelbase. A curiosity is that this factory is that more square feet of floor takes care of all the manufacturing plants of Mercedes.

anyway, do not think that in this factory in the asian country only produces the Mercedes E Class. There it is also manufactured a Mercedes C-Class with the greatest wheelbase that the versions for the european market, and the crossovers Mercedes GLA and GLC, which also are giving a few pleasant results to the German company in the form of sales in this particular local market.

Source – Motor1

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