Mercedes hunted by testing the chassis of the second generation of the GLA

Mercedes test the new platform MFA 2 with this mule.

Although Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled the new facelift of the GLA, its development department is still working on its successor, that would not arrive until at least the year 2019. Our photographers have been able to capture one of the first test drives, with which Mercedes is developing the chassis of the new generation.

The tests are being conducted in an environment of low temperature, however, this mule testing is very primitive and seems to have even with a body-interim, whose panels come from the current generation.

We have had the opportunity of photographing this mule next to a GLA current, and to the naked eye you can appreciate the difference of height and the size of the wheels of the mule testing. The unit tests have greater free height to the soil and the wheels are of large size, in addition to having all-wheel drive.


The mule of tests is shown somewhat higher than the GLA’s current.

This new platform will be the evolution of the current MFA, and you will receive the designation MFA-2, new will be shared by the Class and the GLA. Although we also find a new model, not confirmed yet by the brand and which was already referred to as GLB, which will have more distance between the axles that the new GLA.

of The new GLB will be positioned between the GLA AND GLC, and will have a length between 4.4 and 4.7 metres. However, before the arrival of this new model would see the birth of the second generation of the GLA, based on the platform that Mercedes is testing with this mule testing.

For the moment, few data are available on both models, and the unit testing of the images does not provide us with too many clues. The thick camouflage hides your entire body and additionally we find several pieces provisional on the hood and the rear post, which we understand to try to hide possible new forms of the new chassis.