Mercedes intends to organize a test for Rossi and Ogier


Without doubt, the withdrawal by the surprise of Nico Rosberg is
being a dynamic element of the ‘silly season’ of Formula 1 during this
pre-season, although his gait may have more consequences. What began
as a joke Toto Wolff
, Chief Executive of Mercedes, stating that they could
offer a Mercedes to Valentino Rossi, it is very likely that, at the end
to become a test with one of the cars give gear for the pilot
Italian MotoGP. In fact, Wolff away from frightened has offered this test to
Valentino Rossi and Sébastien Ogier
, four times champion of the WRC.

As we say, it all started with a statements amusing of
Toto Wolff appealed to the Rossi to fill the gap left by Nico Rosberg, before
the insistent questions that asked the press. However, Valentino
Rossi picked up the glove from the words of the Head of the brand of the star
what started as a joke has ceased to be. Wolff wants the pilot
Italian 37-year-old climb into the Mercedes Formula 1 to make a test, something
you have already made in October, the spaniard Jorge Lorenzo
thanks to the
intermediation of Monster Energy.


Be that as it may, Toto Wolff has enthusiasm to complete this
test with Rossi and Ogier
, as has been acknowledged in statements to the ‘Gazetta
dello Sport’
, where he stated: “Formula 1 is about to give
entertainment. And I would love to try the skill of Valentino Rossi and
Sébastien Ogier behind the wheel of one of our cars. My idea is to organize
a day of tests with them
. However, both drivers may face this
test under very different conditions. While Valentino Rossi has done
several test with a Formula 1 Ferrari, Sebastien Ogier has never, ever been climbed in
a single-seater category reina

In this regard, it should be remembered that Valentino Rossi treasures
some experience at the controls of a Formula 1 car after the completion of
test of long duration in Valencia, Mugello or in the Circuit of
with Ferrari between the years 2006 and 2008. For its part,
Sébastien Ogier has also done some dabbling with circuits, though
away from the World Rally Cars has barely competed with vehicles GT, with its
timely participation in the Porsche Supercup ‘jump’ more prominent. With
all, Ogier is a rider sponsored by Red Bull, so we’ll have to see what
happens with the conflict of sponsors.