Mercedes is not afraid of a sanction for suspensions, and gets scared with the engine


the presentation of The new car Mercedes, W08, has marked a before and an after, despite the fact that both of the Sauber C36, as with the Renault RS17 and the Force India VJM10, had witnessed innovative technical solutions.

But if the W08 has shown another level in terms of aerodynamic work is concerned, what is certain is that two mechanical parts hidden under the body could give much to talk about in the next few weeks. The first is associated with the suspension, since the FIA has to decide still what decision to make with respect to the supporting elements of the suspension that Mercedes and Red Bull have been using for aerodynamic.

One of the options is to leave the interpretation of the commissioners of each Grand Prix the situation, dangerous option because Charlie Whiting -Technical Delegate of the FIA, had already expressed its opinion on the illegality of such a solution. But Toto Wolff he claims not to be worried about it, and believes that the car is totally legal. “there Have been discussions about the suspensions and their legality. In what Mercedes is concerned, I’m calm with this situation. We know the rules, know what can do and what not to. It is not something that we worry about”, said before the press moved to Silverstone for the presentation of the team.

“Mercedes made another step forward without precedents. It is awesome”

The engine also could give a lot to talk about, because, after the confirmation of both Renault as Honda have opted for a thorough redesign of the propellant and it is known that Ferrari is experimenting with new techniques, Mercedes has stated that this year more changes have been made in the engine German than in previous years. And, one of his clients, Andrew Green of Force India, confirms that the step forward is considerable. “Yes, it is what we have promised. In the data that we’re adding to our simulations, it appears. Mercedes has done a fantastic job during the winter and have achieved another step forward without precedents. It is awesome”.

The arrival of James Allison

Finally, Wolff spoke about the departure of Paddy Lowe -not yet confirmed in Williams – and the subsequent arrival of James Allison, which will be incorporated to his position of Technical Director on 1 march. Wolff stated that Lowe and Mercedes felt that there were more exciting to Paddy and that, that opened the door to Allison. “James (Allison) is one of the engineers most exciting are there in the Formula 1, it is very much appreciated. When we discussed it, no one’s voice was skeptical about joining the team. It’s an exciting opportunity. Paddy Lowe is a great person and has been an important part of Mercedes, (but) together we decided that perhaps there were other opportunities exciting for him. And that to us also gives us other opportunities”, said Toto Wolff.