Mercedes is preparing a new sub-brand of electric rival to BMW i and Tesla


Mercedes IAA Concept

back to Us to get more details about the ambitious immersion of Mercedes in the field of eco-friendly cars of luxury. The German manufacturer has expected cutelosamente until you have seen the appropriate time in which electric vehicles have become a business that offers certain assurance of commercial viability. Currently the average consumer is making it a habit each time more to live with this type of vehicles and their sales are booming.

Mercedes prepares a new sub-brand exclusively for vehicles ecofriendly, an idea similar to that initiated by BMW with its range (i. In fact the range i BMW, in full development of their third model BMW i5, is one of their goals to beat along with the success of the vehicles Elon Musk (Tesla) and the sudden awareness of Audi to the environment after what happened in the last few months with their TDI.


A new sub-brand to compete with BMW i and Tesla

The brand new Mercedes will be quite far away from the range of cars usual in both design and technology. Enjoy a language of our own design already advance in the concept Mercedes IAA Concept in which except for the grille crowned with the three-pointed star’s little or nothing have to do with the rest of the models. In addition to make use of new platforms propulsion that will be based in the existing but that will be exclusive also for these new models.

As we already announced a few months ago in the plans of Mercedes for this new sub-brand, still without name, but we will be playing as the name “Ecoluxe”, found two sedans and two SUV/crossovers, all of them with a level of technology, efficiency and convenience never seen before in a Mercedes: electric motors of high performance of up to 600 HP power combined with a set of batteries that will provide between 420 and 700 km of autonomy.


The new platforms EVA and EVA2 will have a the great ability of modularity to be adapted to the dimensions that the manufacturer requires in their models. The intensive use of lightweight materials as the aluminum will ensure that even though postage for large packages of batteries, the weight of the assembly is not tripped. In addition, these will be located under the floor of the vehicle, which will allow you to maintain a low center of gravity so as not to lose the dynamics expected of a Mercedes.

The first of these may be anticipated in October during the celebration of the Paris Salon 2016 where we’ll see a version more true of the above-mentioned prototype IAA adapted to some of their future models. Although the launch of this new range will be somewhat slow since it is expected that up to 2021, that is to say in five years, will not be complete.


The electrification of Mercedes will not be exclusive to this new sub-brand since we will continue to see other efficient models within their usual range. For example, the manufacturer has promised that all models of SMART will have their versions of zero emissions, as well as models such as the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive will still be present and even Daimler prepares a heavy truck that will function only with batteries.