Mercedes left the DTM to arrive at the Formula E in 2019


Mercedes changed the DTM by the Formula E. This is the summary of the new strategy sport the signature of Confidence. In this way, and despite competing in the DTM since its re-founding in the year 2000, the brand will be leaving the Championship German Touring car by the end of 2018 with the goal of jumping at the competition cars-electric FIA a year later. The German giant has reached an agreement with the promoter of the Formula E to enter as a factory team in the season 2019-20, or what is the same, in the ‘Season Six’.

With this step, Mercedes gives a renewed focus to their competitive programs, which will combine the Formula 1, the maximum exponent of the high technology and the Formula E, which embodies in a very clear way the transformation of lives by the automotive industry. So what explains the Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice president of brand Marketing: “Mercedes will market future electric cars under the acronym eQ. Formula E is therefore an important step to demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology. It is obvious that we are going to turn a corner emotionally with our brand through the competition”.

In this aspect, Toto Wolff has stated: “In motor sports, as in any other point, we want to be reference in the premium segment and explore new projects. The union of Formula 1 and Formula E allows us to combine the strong character of the races with the purpose of promoting current and future technologies of electrification. The Formula And provides a platform interesting to take this technology to a new audience. It is a different series to the rest and I am pleased that we are able to dilate in a year our entry to the championship, which will be in the season 2019-20. That doesn’t give you time to understand the series and prepare for our entry“.


Alejandro Agag, CEO and Founder of the Formula E, has shown his satisfaction with the arrival of Mercedes to your contest: Today is a great day because we welcome to the family of the Formula E Mercedes, which binds well to the growing number of manufacturers that are part of the electric revolution. This step shows you how the world is changing, both in sport and in the automotive industry. We are witnesses of a transformation that will change our cities and highways. The Formula E embodies this change, since the manufacturers are pushing to have technologies even better and affordable”.

Even Jean Todt, President of the FIA, has valued the decision of Mercedes: I Am very happy to see as another manufacturer agrees with the Formula E, which is a championship FIA. Mercedes has been competing in motorsport since its inception and form part of this new chapter in the history of the races shows the vision of the brand. The Formula E is the true reflection of the intention of the makers of to develop technologies for its electric vehicles, and bringing these innovations to audiences all over the world”.