Mercedes-Maybach Coupe, the first advancement of this prototype of a luxury superlative


Mercedes-Maybach Coupe, in his first image of advancement

Maybach completed its resurrection with a new prototype. Beyond models such as the Mercedes-Maybach S600 -in essence, a S-Class stretched that luxury takes a still more prominent-the brand belonging to Daimler has big plans for the near future. As close as the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance 2016, which will take place in Monterey (U.S.) in the next few days.

In particular, this new Mercedes-Maybach Coupe will be presented on Thursday 18 August. It will be a prototype, with particular emphasis on the highest luxury and elegance, as could not be otherwise in Maybach, along with a certain dose of sportiness classic. The long front hood, two doors, stylized and sharp glass surface and the logo of the brand on your rear pillar are some of the details that shows this first image of advancement.

Its size will be huge, with six meters of length, and we sense that all other aspects of the Maybach Coupe have also been designed big. Will be like No other one, and though it will be a prototype display, time we can not rule out a future production of a very limited.


Maybach Exelero: so was this hyperbolic coupe, born in 2014 and that only produced a unit

Will be based on the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, using the platform of this conveniently elongated. Your engine is another of the unknowns, and discussed two possibilities: the more likely it is that the Mercedes-Maybach Coupe is this the same V12 Biturbo of 6.0-liter own Maybach S600 -with more power, beating the 530 HP of the one-, but we might also see a powerful electric motor of ‘zero emissions’.

Its design will pay homage to the Maybach Exelero, a coupe of large born in 2004 adopted a V12 engine of 700 HP within a length also of close to six metres. In a few days we will see this Mercedes-Maybach Coupe with all the detail: it will not be the only novelty of the brand, because it also waits for a next Mercedes-Maybach E-Class, and even an SUV based on the Mercedes GLS, the more distant in time and still hypothetical.