Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet: Filtered the limousine-luxury suv final


This is the new suv from the luxury division of Daimler.

Filtering to complete before your presentation, so we’ve known for surprise the new and mastod√≥ntico suv from the luxury division of Daimler, the new Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. This is, by far, the most luxurious that has marketed the brand of the G-Class since it came on the market in 1979.

In the last few months we have been able to see the model during its development numerous times, and while all we took for granted that it would be a new AMG version of the G-Class, finally the surprise has been to know that we were really faced by a new member of the range Maybach. These variants are aimed at the luxury segment and the new G650 Landaulet is one of the most pompous and bloated that we can find.

In the front area, we find an aggressive front, but when we take a look at your profile we find the strange lack of roof, the style Landaulet, zone of the chauffeur closed but rear cabin open. This leaves exposed the two rear seats that mounts this unit, that occupy almost the entire cabin.


it Is intended to be used with a driver.

In the rear we find materials very colorful and of great quality, with skin everywhere, in this unity of dual-tone-framed rhomboid in the seats.

in Front of them, there is a physical separation between the seats in front and the area noble, as in any sedan, and equipped with various multimedia elements, opposite to each one of the rear seats.

Based on the G-Class 4×42, with more distance between axles, which is used to stop the large space for the legs that we find in the rear seats. The engine is the same V12 Biturbo of 6.0-liter that uses the Mercedes-AMG G65, although instead of 612 HP with 630 HP and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque, so is the G-Class more powerful the story. With transmission 7G-Tronic automatic 7-relationships.


The interior is pure luxury and excess.

will Only be manufactured in a limited edition, some reports indicate 99
units while others point to the 100, each one of them to taste of the
client and more than likely at a price outrageously high, by
what it is likely that you do not see two drives equal to. As an example,
account with a range of wheels available in sizes 18 to 22
inches, depending on the destination that he is going to give the client, land or