Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Cabriolet, up to 300 unique lucky

The Mercedes S Class, regardless of the model or the version, represents the ultimate in luxury that the German brand is able to get. However, there is more, and this is where the name Maybach. For the first time both come together in a cabriolet, the most luxurious and unique that have been created, the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Cabriolet.


Maybach has been responsible for contributing those details of style and quality that make a difference

on the basis of a Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet, a good base, everything is said of step, Maybach has high qualities and claims of the same until you take it to a new dimension. The quality of the finish is improved, by choosing the best materials that the human being is able to conceive.

The structure and the design itself do not change, but that Maybach is responsible for providing details everywhere as well conceiving of the S-Class as they consider that it must be. Among those details, highlighted by the chrome elements of the body, the wheels own of 20 inches, and the plate numbering of the special edition.

And it is only 300 people in the world will be able to enjoy this S-Class Cabriolet to rival a Rolls-Royce Dawn. Its price is completely unknown, because, as tends to happen with these units is so limited, the end is the client who determines the final price in function of the finishing touches of your own you want to apply.


Each unit comes certified by Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Mercedes Benz

Where there is no possibility of choice, nor is it necessary, is the section mechanic. They all come with the excessive V12 biturbo of Mercedes, although for this occasion, the power is increased to 650 horses. A barbarity that is the key piece of a car as exclusive as this. What better than the Hall of Los Angeles to be presented.