Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet, debut in the Hall of the Angels

Mercedes-Maybach S650 CabrioletMaximum luxury to the open sky. What is more likely is that with these five words we can describe the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet when it is presented to society on Wednesday, November 16, in the living Room Automobile Los Angeles. For the moment we have already been able to see some parts of this Maybach convertible, as the teaser video that we leave a few lines below some areas of the exterior and interior.

Normally, when we talk about Mercedes-Maybach we always think of sedans (extra) long, with all luxury of details and a high level of comfort to the reach of very few. However, this luxury division of Daimler wants to show us that in addition to large sedans luxury also knows how to create great convertibles luxury, as will be the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet. A model that, by the way, we sense that it will produce only 300 units to all over the world.

that lets us see the brief video is that you have a few details very, very care; something to be expected from a Mercedes-Maybach. Honestly the teaser has left us with honey on the lips and eager to know every detail of this superdescapotable. do Not expect a great difference on an aesthetic level with respect to the Mercedes S-Class “normal”, but a greater care for details and accessories that are not available in the catalogue of extras the conventional models of Mercedes-Benz.

on the other hand, and as we can see in the image in the header, go to the denomination S650, so that we can imagine that under the hood you will find a propeller V12 that should give a figure of power of slightly more than 600 hp. What we will fund the next Wednesday, but we can be sure that you will find no shortage items of luxury, accessories exclusive nor power. As always tends to happen with this type of cars, the biggest drawback will be its price, it will not be very accessible.

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