Mercedes might be working on a Mercedes-Maybach E-Class: extra-luxury and comfort

Maybach has returned, no longer as an independent brand, but as a label under which to give protection to the alternatives, of course, the more luxurious Mercedes S-Class, taking it to a new level of refinement and attention to detail at the flagship of the brand. Now the bad tongues say that in addition to a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class could very well find with a Mercedes E Class even more luxurious with the badge of Maybach.

Think of the evolution experienced in the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, now apply to Class E:

Of the hand of Worldcarfans (and as a result of a series of images of a model camouflaged that have been published) introduces us to the idea of a Mercedes-Maybach E-Class, which in addition to having materials more sumptuous in your car would make gala of a configuration thought to enjoy more of the comfort of the seats after.

In this way we can go in already thinking of a back seat which is replaced by two armchairs independent, adjustable, with heating and cooling as well as a multimedia system whose management is extended also to these places.

Wood, leather, cushions, a neat ambient lighting, a third area of air conditioning, increased insulation…

Aesthetically we have already seen that are due to be introduced a few changes with the Mercedes E-Class that we already know, that recently we had Mercedes. Some new tires, the presence of the insignia of Maybach in the pillar post…

But, what would happen under your hood? we Imagine that it will be offered with the propellant more powerful of the “normal” range, leaving aside the versions AMG. We may think therefore in a Mercedes-Maybach E 400 4Matic 333-horses.