Mercedes nor fia the true performance of Ferrari


The preseason Formula 1 many times is a game of
and beyond mock race, fast times, and testing
aerodynamic and techniques, one of the keys is know how to play the ball. In this
look, Sebastian Vettel claimed at the end of the seventh day of the tests, with
the best time in the arm and more than 150 laps on their backs, which is not
fiaba is the level that has been shown to Mercedes. However, this feeling is
and both Lewis Hamilton as Valtteri Bottas believe that Ferrari is
still faster than what has been shown

Lewis Hamilton has raced with the Mercedes W08 during the
morning session. The work of the british pilot has been focused on the
realization of short runs. In this aspect, the current champion, explained:
Has been good to roll in the morning with low fuel load. We have
worked on the configuration of the car and we have made some changes. I have
learned a lot about the car before you take the witness to Bottas this afternoon.
We try to simulate a round of qualifying and the car was great with little
gasoline. it Is great to notice that the car is consistent in different

On the sidelines of his own work, Lewis Hamilton has not been cut at the time of put in doubt the actual level reached by Ferrari. However, in most of
one occasion Sebastian Vettel scored good times in the first partial and
lifted the foot in the final part of the circuit, something that has not happened
unnoticed to the british: I Think that Ferrari is bluffing and are more
fast from what they show their times. Are very close to us. It is difficult to
to say who is faster now. I Think you are close, but not ahead,
but I am so excited to compete for comprobarlo”.


In very similar terms has ruled Valtteri Bottas,
in charge of piloting the W08 in the afternoon session. Asked about the
performance of Ferrari, the finn has shared the opinion of his companion:
“it Is difficult to say. we are Not confident of being on the front lines. We are not
relaxed or in a situation comfortable. We feel that the other teams have done
a good progress during the winter. Ferrari looks very strong, solid and
. For its part, Red Bull can always be a surprise. Know what to wear
all to Melbourne, but we are conscious that we must not underestimate
no one”.

Focused on their own work, Bottas explained: Today
there has been a progress mass
. We have learned more things about the car and its
adjustments. In addition we tested with all the different compounds of tires
we have this year. I would have liked to have more time to test, but I feel
we have done almost everything that we do in these test
. I feel good. I did
a lot of mileage and many batches with tests set up to see how
the car works. I think that this year we can see some records. We will have to
see if in Melbourne it is possible and if this is the case, it may be I the