Mercedes plans to launch a sub-brand to rival BMW i

back in 2009, BMW realized that they could fight in the car segment, highly efficient, and to do this he created out of nothing a new branch of his great tree; the section i. Seven years after the time he has given the reason, and therefore, thanks to its success, rivals like Mercedes-Benz is raised seriously the possibility of launching the same strategy commercial.


Ola Källenius, head of sales and marketing of Mercedes thinks so. In a statement to Autocar, makes it very clear that the plans of the brand pass by to invest heavily in a product line of driving alternative and electrification. In fact is already underway and by the end of next year they hope to have on the market 10 hybrid plug-in.

Of be true it would be the premium brand most efficient of all, although the first steps marked by the arrival of three models in purely electric, two Smart and the Mercedes Class B. And the year to come, the lord Källenius has just announced the launch of a Mercedes GLC powered by a fuel cell.

Given the volume of trade that they hope to achieve, the leadership of Mercedes plans to the creation of the sub brand efficient, in the purest style i BMW. It is early to determine if this will eventually be the case, but it is a step more in the direction that they are taking all brands of the business. The ecology is gaining ground, and with the passage of time will take more and more force.


For its part, BMW is still immersed in the development of more models signed by the section i, or better said the section iPerformance. We know that in the future will land a saloon that will provided all of the knowledge acquired with the i8 and the i3. A BMW i5 will not come before 2020, but the development of which is already on the table.