Mercedes points to McLaren and Renault as a rival to 2018


Mercedes has set the standard since the turbo engines return to Formula 1, a fact that was only able to discuss Ferrari last year: the italians managed to form a unit of power quite solvent with which, in conjunction with the SF70H, succeeded in face-planting to the of Brackley and give the bell from the Australian Grand Prix to the beginning of the year.

however, the Maranello crossed the technical problems that prevented them from even taking part in some of the races this year, pulling down the options of Sebastian Vettel to fight hand to hand with Lewis Hamilton for the title. On the other hand, Red Bull experienced problems with the correlation of data, something that is solved as the season progressed and helped them to win two races.

despite all these setbacks, Toto Wolff believes that Formula 1 is “the pinnacle of motorsport”, a sport in which “you have to respect every team and the best riders” above all, and in which, year after year, the grill can suffer drastic changes in function of the work that is carried out in the factory during the winter. “We take seriously to Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault. These guys can fight for the championship, and for others, it may take us by surprise”.

We take seriously to Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault. Can fight for the championship, and for others, it may take us by surprise

The head of the arrows silver advocates “continue to be humble and to expect competition on the part of all these teams,”, and awaits a significant improvement on the part of Renault, biker that has led Red Bull to victory on two occasions in 2017 and that was untreatable in the last years of the V8, as well as McLaren. “If we are able to align the points as we have done in the past year, we’ll win races and we will be fighting for championships, but if we don’t get is that we have not been good enough”.

Threat rossa


In 2018, only three teams managed at least one victory: Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

The strategy helped Scuderia Ferrari to demonstrate in Melbourne who were willing to fight for the world, a fact which was noted with good performances later to prove that there had been flower of a day. “The pace of the car on the track was exceptional, and the step forward that occurred during the winter was probably the largest in comparison with the rest of the teams”, said Wolff in relation to Ferrari.

“I am happy that we could stay”. The first year of Valtteri Bottas in a team able to fight for everything ended with the first three victories of his career, something that contributed to subtract points to Vettel and Räikkönen, and end up rising to the constructors championship. “We have a record of 11 victories in front of 5 of Ferrari, and the stopwatch never lies. That said, we have to keep our feet on the ground, Ferrari could have won more races. I take very seriously as a contender, as we do with the rest of the teams”, concluded Wolff.