Mercedes release Ferrari: there was no espionage


Photo: Ferrari

Mercedes filed a lawsuit against one of its engineers, Ben Hoyle, who ended contract at the end of this year and, according to the germans, planned to join Ferrari. The worker would have stolen confidential information with the goal of taking it to Maranello. From the Scuderia denied that they were to take over its services, confessing that they had only had informal contact with him, and they were not the only ones who spoke with the defendant. Although in the court documents filed by Mercedes, pointed out that Hoyle wanted to sign for Ferrari, they wanted to clarify that the Cavallino have not committed any irregularity, and that the cause is not against them.

Mercedes has stated, as reported Motorsport, there is no reason to blame Ferrari, and that demand is only between the team of Rosberg and Hamilton and the engineer. The investigation continues and will last for a long time yet:

The research has not shown any reason to believe that the information has been transferred to Ferrari, and none of the court documents make claim with respect to any improper conduct by Ferrari.

Mercedes will continue protecting their interests, including the exercise of the legal actions against Mr. Hoyle, and will continue to protect against possible transfers of inadequate information confidential within the industry of motor sports.

There are ongoing internal investigations, in respect to the confidential information removed from Mercedes by the lord Hoyle, in order to protect against the potential damage both to our team as any other company that might receive such information. Mercedes will continue with the investigations until it can be conclude that all confidential information has been recovered, which is expected to take between two and four months