Mercedes reports a possible “spygate” Ferrari


Photo: Mercedes

Mercedes has accused one of its engineers, according to the publication Bloomberg, for the theft of confidential information. The respondent is Benjamin Hoyle (Ben Hoyle), which completes its link with the team germans at the end of the year and he planned to join Ferrari from 2016. Hoyle worked in the section of engines from Mercedes and, with the intention of signing for Ferrari, he would have found files as the “report of the race at the Hungarian Grand Prix 2015 on the mileage and the damage of the power unit and the codes necessary to decipher information careers. The engineer had joined Mercedes in 2012 as one of the leaders of performance in the engineering department. “it Is calculated that the measures of Hoyle were to destroy or damage your trust relationship with Mercedes. The lord Hoyle and Ferrari could have been favored for potentially getting an unfair advantage”, the lawsuit says.

may 21, 2014, according to the report, Hoyle announced to his team that he would not renew when his contract ran out at the end of 2015. Mercedes knew that he was preparing his move to Ferrari, and he was dedicated to tasks not related to the Formula 1 to prevent access to information that could lead to Maranello. He was awarded a new email address and deleted your laptop data property. Despite this, however, reflects the complaint, Hoyle was seen watching the race reports and taking confidential data. The middle Bloomberg includes that deleted the files to try to hide their alleged illegal action. In a statement, Mercedes announced that: “We have taken legal actions between Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Lt and an employee. The company has followed the legal steps appropriate to protect its intellectual property. Ask you to understand that we don’t want to make more comments about it”.

With the case open, the time and justice will dictate the sentence. The goal of Mercedes is to retrieve all the documents and information, payment of your legal fees, and prevent you from Hoyle exposé by Ferrari or any other rival in Formula 1 until after the season 2016. In any case, the engineer may not begin to work with the Cavallino with the start of the year, as it still has to pass the so-called ‘gardening leave‘, a period which a member of a team of Formula 1 you should expect from that leaves a team until they landed in another.