Mercedes rule out an automatic change of more than 9 speeds

Cambio automático mercedesThe automatic gearboxes have undergone a genuine revolution in the past 10-15 years. There you have it, without going more far, the revolutionary DSG at the time. This has led us to generate a kind of race for maximum efficiency in automatic gearboxes is concerned, increasing the number of relationships. Mercedes has put an end, and will not result in automatic gearboxes with more than 9 speeds.

The decision has been taken following lengthy and substantial evidence, specifically more of 81,000 to millions of simulations by computer to give a combination that is accurate and balanced. In other words, Mercedes has highlighted that go beyond the 9 relationship is not as beneficial in terms of efficiency, but must also take into account more factors.

Cambio automático mercedesMercedes is not the only brand that has wanted to put an end to the number of gears in its automatic gearbox, and one of the reasons, shared with other manufacturers, is that 8 or 9 gears are the most efficient. Others, like Hyundai or Ford, you are working in boxes of 10 speeds. Even Volkswagen, before stopping the project, he was in search of a new DSG 10 relationships.

Mercedes ensures that it’s not worth to continue increasing the number of gears, as they begin to create disadvantages that fog up the advantages. With this they refer to the increase of costs, but also to the weight gain. This last factor is of vital importance, precisely because the weight saving is one of the key projects of any manufacturer. More now.

Create a gearbox more speeds also generates a problem of space, since the mechanism requires a hole larger than you can result in a worse allocation of weights or the need to create the structure of the new invoice. Although it is not something that we say, may also not worth too worth to evolve the boxes change when the future begins to become electric.

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