Mercedes S 63 AMG Cabrio, video: 585 horses under the open sky

The Mercedes Class S is dishevel, says goodbye to his roof and becomes a suggestive convertible, on a perfect sample of luxury class to open roof, the Mercedes Class S Cabrio . Now is the time to see it in video and Best Manager of pose for the camera unit with the seal AMG a Mercedes-AMG S 63 Convertible .

The Mercedes S Class Coupe and we liked it, but this Mercedes S Class Cabrio is love at first sight.

Presented on the occasion of Hall Frnakfurt 2015 the Mercedes Class S Cabrio offers us a nice, very nice, packaging the deployment already known of refined finishes and attention to detail in the case of the protagonist of the video The Mercedes-AMG S 63 Cabrio arrive accompanied by a V8 Biturbo of 585 horses and 900 Nm that all-wheel drive through, is well able to score a 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds.

Below this AMG S 63 there will be a S 500 Cabrio that not doing anything wrong solved as far as power figures are concerned, delighting with 455 horses.

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Time to give the play: the Mercedes S Class Cabrio video

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