Mercedes S-Class 2017: its official presentation will be in the month of April


The new Mercedes S-Class is more and more near.

Precisely a few hours ago I commented that Audi had already confirmed the presentation of the new Audi A8, one of the two direct rivals of the Mercedes Class S. The model of Ingolstadt to be unveiled in Barcelona next 11th of July. However, this will be a presentation prior to its official presentation, which is dated for the next IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.

Thanks to Auto Express, we have been able to know that Mercedes will move ahead of his rival, as the new S-Class will be revealed to the full the next month of April. The british publication has had the chance to test one of the prototypes of the version Maybach’s new model, and in this contact, the responsible for the German company confirmed that the presentation of the S-Class will be the next month of April.

The exact date for the moment remains a mystery, but the two main options are very clear. Or Mercedes held an event separately to give it all the importance as possible to the launch, or, the S-Class will debut at the Salon of New York, is celebrated between April 14 and April 23, . In the next few days surely will see new ads or teasers of the brand, so that we will have more information shortly.


Prototypes camouflaged new Mercedes s Class.

In the last few months we have been able to spot several test units of the model in not a few occasions, both the versions regular and variants AMG, as well as its interior. We have also been able to learn more of the technical features of the model and those relating to the section mechanic.

The new S-Class will continue to be the benchmark technology of the brand of the star, embracing the latest novelties of the brand, as the adaptive brake light, which premiered at the E-Class. In terms of systems of driving assistance, the facelift of the S-Class will premiere the latest developments of the brand in the field, offering many more features that until now, as confirmed by the own responsible for the brand Driving Automated and Active Safety, Dr. Michael Hafner.

In terms of aesthetics, we do not expect to find a revolution. Mercedes will modify slightly bumper, and optical, so we can consider this facelift as an upgrade, more technical than aesthetic.