Mercedes S-Class 2017: more efficient, technological advanced and

Mercedes Clase S 2017

Mercedes S-Class by 2017, the renovation of the luxury saloon is already a reality.

After a filtration, numerous spy photos and some other advance to the part of the Mercedes-Benz, we can already admire the result of the update that has been submitted your luxury saloon. The new Mercedes S-Class by 2017 is already a reality and is ready for its big debut before the public and press to attend the Shanghai Auto show 2017. Event will begin in a matter of a few hours.

Looking to offer a starting to point more “internal than external”, the new S-Class will hit the market loaded with new technology and mechanical. The engineers of the brand of the star have worked very hard in recent times to make the new Mercedes S-Class a more efficient model, technological, and advanced. It is more, as we anticipate that with the system “Intelligent Drive,” get another step closer to driving 100% autonomous.

Mercedes-AMG S 63 2017

Mercedes-AMG S 63 2017.

Although its first presentation takes place in Shanghai (China), the launch of the Mercedes S-Class in 2017 on the european market is just around the corner, because the brand itself has confirmed that it will be available for these parts from the next month of July. So there is not much left to view the article in the circulating in the old continent.

New S-Class, more technological, luxurious, and efficient

┬┐What to change aesthetically? No modifications of the draft, although it is necessary to give an image more fresh and current. The new S-Class Mercedes now with a look more refined thanks to the addition of a new grill, a bumper, revised with new air intakes and a new headlamps MULTIBEAM LED (optional).

If we take a look at your behind, in addition to some new optical technology LED there are also other small changes in the lower zone as the new bumper with the exhaust outlets perfectly integrated. The range of alloy wheels between 17 and 20-inch has been renovated and now consists of seven designs.

Mercedes-AMG S 65 2017

The renewal also comes the Mercedes-AMG S 65 2017.

The update reaches to all the variants that make up the
family Class S. From the versions most basic to the most exclusive
and luxurious, under the seal of Mercedes-Maybach
or the alternative sports brand of the house Mercedes-AMG. Just take a look at the pictures that
accompanying this article.

Leaving to one side your foreign and focusing our attention on the interior of the new Mercedes S-Class in 2017, the first in what we look are the two new high-resolution displays, each with a position diagonal of is 12.3 inches in size. The dashboard is updated and offers all kinds of information to the driver while allowing them to be set at a significant level. We are up against an S-Class digital and highly technological.

The driver can choose between three modes of display for the instrument cluster digital: Classic, Sporty, and Progressive. On the other hand, has installed a new steering wheel that features touch sensitive controls and allows you to manage the system of info-entertainment without removing your hands from the steering wheel. Although we can also continue to use various services and tools of the system of info-entertainment via the touchpad. The system DISTRONIC and cruise control with control elements is another of the novelties.

Mercedes Clase S 2017 - interior

the interior of The Mercedes S-Class in 2017 to detail. A technological environment, luxurious and comfortable.

all cited above we must add a series of materials and finishes of highest quality such as wood, leather, or metal insertions. Have been incorporated new combinations of colors to create new environments to configure the different versions of the S-Class in 2017. In addition, the new ambient lighting system offers up to 64 different colors. A graphic example of the new level of comfort that seeks to provide Mercedes-Benz with its new saloon is the technology “ENERGIZING Comfort Control”, that handles different systems such as the climate control or the massage function of the seats depending on the mood and need of the driver and/or passengers.

And what about the driving aids? The German firm has worked on improving this aspect. The system “Intelligent Drive” about a little more to the Mercedes S-Class to the future of driving autonomously. Thanks to the different technologies and systems, the S-Class can maintain the safe distance and follow the vehicle in front by automatically adjusting the speed before curves.

in Addition, it is complemented with other systems such as the wizard of lane change or the help to the emergency stop active. We also have other driving aids or functions as interesting as the wizard remote parking or the reader of traffic signals in real-time.

Mercedes Clase S 2017 - interior

The new Mercedes S-Class of 2017 takes a step closer to the goal of providing a system driving 100% autonomous.

A (mechanical more efficient

The range of engines are major changes, and that is, it has a built new V8 engine of petrol that is up to 10% more efficient than its predecessor. It is available from a configuration of 469 HP (345 kW) and 700 Nm of maximum torque. Of eight cylinders, four of them are turned off simultaneously to reduce the power consumption.

Another novelty is the arrival of the new diesel engine six-cylinder in-line that will be available in two power outputs: 286 HP (210 kW) and 600 Nm as well as 340 HP (250 kW) and 700 Nm respectively. In the following table you can check the detail all the figures of these two innovations:

S 350 d 4MATIC S 400 d 4MATIC S 560 4MATIC AMG S 63 4MATIC+
Cylinders 6 online 6 online 8 V 8 V
Displacement (c. c.) 2.925 2.925 3.982 3.982
Power (kW/CV) 210/286 250/340 345/469 450/612
Maximum Torque (Nm) 600 700 700 900
l/100 km* 5,5 5,6 8,5 8,9
CO2 g/km* 145 147 195 203

* Cycle NEDC.

Mercedes-Maybach Clase S 2017

The renewal also comes to the version Mercedes-Maybach.

But, in addition to the introduction of these two new engines,
Mercedes has gone a step further and has updated the rest of versions
comprise the bid mechanics of the Class S. For example, we have a engine six-cylinder in-line
gasoline (M 256), which incorporates a power source of 48 volts
Provides an outstanding power delivery with no turbo lag.

on the other
party, the Mercedes S-Class Plug-in
has been enhanced with the arrival of a battery of greater capacity, 13,3 kWh. Offers a range
electric up to 50 kilometers.