Mercedes S Class Cabrio 2016: 8 keys most luxurious convertible Mercedes-Benz

The launch of this new Mercedes S-Class Cabrio 2016 is an event. It is, because it will become the sixth model of a Mercedes S Class fuller than ever range. Also because it is the first time that Mercedes-Benz offers a convertible and four-seater luxury since 1971. So the new Mercedes S-Class Cabrio is already deservedly, the convertible flagship brand and one of the heads of the luxury market open sky. It appears this month in Frankfurt and reserves will be opened in December, so that the first deliveries begin to take place in the spring of 2016. But what characteristics define the new Mercedes S-Class Cabrio?

Mercedes S Class Coupe: all about the jewel in the crown of Stuttgart

1. Design . Mercedes-Benz has used a stunning aesthetic. He thinks we’re talking about a convertible 5 meters in length, which will start on the 180,000 € in prices, at least. Mercedes-Benz has tried to convey the elegance of the new Mercedes S Class Coupe Cabrio this, careful details such as the inclination of the rear boladizo. Or making the front has more character than ever, and even resort to the common features in the rest of the range with models like increasingly older stored together (something that we have long been criticized brands like Audi).

Mercedes-Benz have also taken great care waistline, the framework that defines the boundary between the body and its techod and canvas, with specific chrome.


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2. Splurge power . As one would expect, the Mercedes S-Class Cabrio will be presented with very powerful engines. The smaller, a S 500 Cabrio with 4,663 cm3 V8 engine and 455 hp and 700 Nm of torque from 1,800 rpm. It is associated with a change 9G-TRONIC 9-speed.

also meet Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC Cabrio V8 biturbo 585 hp at 5,500 rpm and 900 Nm between 2,250 and 3,750 rpm. You will enjoy driving all four wheels and sports transmission to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds. Very respectable figures for a convertible that far exceeds the two tons.

mercedes-clase-s-cabrio-56 3. canvas roof . As I said earlier, the Mercedes S-Class Cabrio will enjoy a canvas roof. Obviously it will have an electric opening and closing system, which can operate up to speeds up to 60 km / h and takes 20 seconds or so, to complete the process of opening or closing. The roof has been designed with a three-layer sound insulation for maximum comfort.

mercedes-clase-s-cabrio-16 4. AIRCAP . Although the design of the Mercedes S-Class Cabrio has primacy reducing turbulence in the cabin, for the comfort traveling in the open, it will include a specific deflector (optional) called AIRCAP . This deflector consist of two elements to be deployed behind the rear seats and under the front bezel to make the board are minimal turbulence and wind noise is attenuated.


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5. AIRSCARF . Another specific value for convertible, the system will be AIRSCARF . It is a heating system for the passenger’s neck, integrated into the seat itself. This system is designed for the Mercedes S Class Cabrio convertible can be enjoyed regardless of the season.

mercedes-clase-s-cabrio-29 6. THERMOTRONIC . Precisely in that line, the Mercedes S-Class Cabrio has further enhanced the sophisticated air conditioning system of the Mercedes Class S for the temperature is always the ideal, and the climate control automatically adapts to the circumstances in which we circulate, eg ceiling open or closed roof, without the driver having to do anything. For optimum cooling, this system features 12 sensors scattered around the cabin, including sensors able to adapt the appliance to the intensity of sunlight attack us, and humidity sensors to prevent misting.

mercedes-clase-s-cabrio-26 7. Construction light . Speaking of lightweight construction in a convertible two tons may seem like a joke, but it is not. Its closest relative is the Mercedes S Class Coupe, but the brand forward and we only share about 60% of chassis and body components. In the Mercedes S Class Cabrio they have been used completely new elements aimed at improving structural rigidity without imposing a detriment to the weight. Elements like a completely made of aluminum and many other reinforcements in the same base material.

For example, the luggage compartment has been reinforced pillars of aluminum and magnesium.


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8. Security . In addition to all systems and driving aids already released by the Mercedes S Class Coupe, S-Class Cabrio will have a system of columns roll behind the rear headrests to be deployed in case of accident to generate a safety cell through a pyrotechnic system. This system is not specific to the Class S Cabrio, and in fact is common in convertibles, but it will be the first time that Mercedes-Benz uses a device rollover columns based on a pyrotechnic device.

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Mercedes S Class Coupe: all about the jewel in the crown of Stuttgart

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