Mercedes S-Class Cabrio, range and prices: luxury at the highest level from 166.000 euros

family of the Mercedes S Class has continued to grow and after the Mercedes S-Class Coupe we get a variant cabrio, a Mercedes S-Class Cabrio whose adventure business in Spain already beginning, to advertise a starting price of 166.000 euros which places it in the top of the catalog of the firm germanic.

For now we do not know the price of the S, 65 Cabrio… but will exceed the barrier of 300,000 euros

For now, Mercedes has not announced the price of the Mercedes-AMG S, 65 Cabrio, recently announced, so today the range of this luxury convertible would be formed in the following way:

Mercedes S 500 CabrioV8 4.7 455 cv – 166.000 euros
Mercedes-AMG S, 63 CabrioV8 5.5 585 cv – 222.700 euros
Mercedes-AMG S, 65 CabrioV12 6.0 630 ps – Not available yet

As a reference, let us recall that the variant coupe had the following prices:

Mercedes S 500 Coupe – 154.400 euros
Mercedes-AMG S, 63 Coupe – 207.175 euros
Mercedes-AMG S, 65 Coupe – 292.550 euros

As a curiosity, you’ll be able to change the hood for a blue, beige or red at no additional cost.

As part of standard equipment there are optical LED, the system of cameras of 360º, alloy wheels, ambient lighting, upholstery in leather with contrasting stitching, multifunction steering wheel, sporty finish leather, parking aid, multimedia system with a screen of 12.3 inches and touchpad, touchscreen, moldings in poplar, climatised seats with electrical regulation and memory, climate control and cruise control.

in Addition, in the version signed by AMG not missing additives aesthetic specific, your own settings for the air suspension, a new instrumentation, tire specific sport seats, a steering wheel AMG, mouse AMG, loader 6 DVD, directorate-adapted thresholds of the doors AMG, sports pedals AMG and exhaust system AMG.

To learn more about the Mercedes S-Class Cabrio:

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