Mercedes S-Class Coupe by Prior Design, goodbye elegance

Mercedes Clase S Coupe por Prior Design

Mercedes is one of the firms auto most elegant on the planet. Since they have always created their vehicles looking for that elegance differently, and even though they were versions radically sports, could not avoid keeping the main feature of the brand. Today it continues to fulfil, from the variants most economical of the A-Class to the luxurious S-Class, not forgetting all those versions that incorporate the inscriptions AMG.

it is True that the ranges lower Mercedes become less attractive in relation to the top ranges in terms of quality of materials and “finishes” the car is concerned; something that we can understand now that the Mercedes CLA does not have the same price as an E Class, for example. But in general, design lines, and although in the last few years have been focused on search for a touch more sporty, are always elegant in the brand of the star. The S-Class, the highest range of Mercedes, has always been one of the most elegant and luxurious of all.

Mercedes Clase S Coupe por Prior Design

we Cannot say the same after having gone through the workshop preparations Prior Design. The preparer has taken a Mercedes S-Class Coupe, and it has led in it some changes that marry little with the philosophy of the usual Mercedes. Nerves, much more marked, suspensions lowered, fins considerably bulky and heel cups, large air intakes in the front and in the side view.

Tops off this whole “tuning” the rear part, where it appears a large spoiler on the trunk lid, and a marked diffuser with four exhaust outlets of square shapes, in addition to a bumper modified. Only the flaring of the fins has made the Mercedes S-Class Coupe raise your dimension of width 20 cm in the rear track and 12 cm at the front. The tires that Prior Design mounts of series in this preparation are of 22 inches, although it offers a 23-in option.