Mercedes shows the new design of their compact models with a sculpture


This sculpture gives us an insight of the design of the new Class A and B.

The way in which Mercedes-Benz has presented the new design language on its future compact models has been all the more curious. Featuring a sculpture drawn with the new traits and DNA of this new language, which will be equipped with all of the future models in the C-segment of the company.

According to the brand, this new concept design is based on the highest purity of the lines, trying to minimize the most of all the superfluous details, which by way of pleats and added we can see today in many models.

as he saw the head of design of the brand during the presentation of the sculpture, called Aesthetics, to eliminate all possible additions, what is left is only the body of the model. And it is with the volumes of the own body that is used to create the features, at least of the concept presented.


This is the anticipation of the new generations.

Although far from what it may seem by these statements, in Mercedes does not seek to create bodies with bubble lisa, so common in models based on the bio-design of the nineties, to the contrary.

As we can see in the own sculpture, we find the greatest part of a body visible, too generic to be able to ensure that we are in the design of a future model, but not clear enough to identify the typology of the same. This can be clearly seen as the design department of Mercedes has been sculpted with soft folds a body very dynamic, with soft edges but playing with the volumes and the reliefs.

With these forms, we should meet the future ranges of the Classes A and B, including the CLA and GLA. The traits are more defined that we can find are the use of a large front grille, similar to the one used in the AMG GT, culminating a sharp nose. The waist line has been marked with a crease that starts in the own front steps and wheel appear very marked.