Mercedes SL 2016, first advance before the Hall of Los Angeles

Mercedes SL 2016If something freckle the current Mercedes SL is its extreme baroque style. That’s why Mercedes we will present to the Salon Los Angeles a new version, a restyling that time we know on a first image of advancement. With, a priori, quite a few visual changes, so is the new Mercedes SL 2016.

The big luxury convertible of Mercedes is renewed and is allied with the new image brand. In fact, in the front view at the moment teach us, we could almost get to be confused with the AMG GT. Rounded forms, such as the headlights, premieres bumper with new air intakes and modified your grill, keeping that format powerful and of great size.

Mercedes SL 2016

Current Mercedes SL

For the moment we do not know anything more, though in the next few hours is expected to see more images. The equipment will be one of the major differences, including some of the latest systems in safety that have come to the range. There will also be new LED lighting or an updated infotainment system.

In the range mechanics and do not expect too many new additions to the Mercedes SL 2016. Without diesel engines, and with a list that includes engines V6, V8 and V12, you may know some evolution in the section of efficiency. In the same way that happens now, there will be a Mercedes-AMG SL 63 and 65 2016, which we could know at the time that the standard model.

The Mercedes SL 2016 is about to be filed, and together with the also renewed GLS, will be launched to the public in the next Hall of Los Angeles. In the next few hours or days we should know all of its details.

Source – Mercedes

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Class Mercedes SL (R231)

From 112.200 euro