Mercedes SL 2018: discerning the new generation of the roadster German

Mercedes SL 2018 - recreación

Recreation of the Mercedes SL 2018.

Since the beginning of last year we have for sale at dealers the last update that was suffered by the current generation of the Mercedes Class SL. Time passes for everyone, and the convertible in German is no stranger to this. Are already many years that leads to their backs and it is becoming more evident the need of a profound renewal. It has been several months that we know that the engineers of Mercedes-Benz are working on the new Mercedes SL 2018, and proof of this are the latest spy photos that we publish.

however, and to date, the only pictures we managed to take during the sessions of tests carried out by the signature of the star does not reveal to us much at the level of the image or aesthetic. And is that the spy photos that we published in September of 2016 showed a mule testing the new generation of the Class SL. The German mark was using a Mercedes S-Class Coupé to perform a test.

In any case, it is clear that the new Mercedes SL 2018 is on track and we expect a lot of news in all aspects. From the design to the technology going by the mechanic. The roadster German will be renewed from top to bottom and although we have not yet found a prototype we can already anticipate the appearance which will look like the next Mercedes Class SL.

Mercedes SL 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy mule testing the new Mercedes s Class SL. Photo: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien.

If we compare the recreation that heads up this article with the design of Class-SL current we can discern quickly where to focus the greatest amount of change. The front grille will gain prominence and will continue the current line of German firm. beacons will be much more profilings to the pair that stylized. To debut a few new air inlets and the front mix of very interesting lines marked with a more fluid and elegant.

Technologically the new Mercedes SL will be an important leap and will be placed at the level of the most advanced models of the brand. Will incorporate the latest driving aids and safety systems developed by Mercedes, as well as the latest generation of its infotainment system. The cabin will provide its occupants an environment fully connected in which our smartphone will be a “link” more with the car itself.

Of the moment we can not anticipate details on the section mechanic, but it is important to remember that the current range of the Mercedes SL is composed exclusively by gasoline engines. Nor can we let pass without mention the versions under the label of Mercedes-AMG that they put the note in sports in the family SL.

Mercedes SL 2016

So is the Mercedes SL that we can currently find it in the dealers.

¿When it will come the
new Mercedes SL?
it is Still unknown on what the appointment will be announced
new generation of the roadster from Mercedes. Yes, its landing in the
dealers will not occur until next year 2018. Unfortunately there will be
still have to wait quite a long time to be able to see it live.