Mercedes SL 73 AMG (1995): once upon a time a roadster German with an engine of a Pagani Zonda

The swan song Mercedes SL box R129 – in manufacturing since 1989 – was the awesome SL 73 AMG. A unique and unknown top of the range signed by AMG, a sporty version of unknown only 85 units were produced in 1995, and 1999-2001, following the facelift of the SL. Outwardly, it is hardly different from other Mercedes SL finished in AMG, it went really unnoticed: just a wheels of 18 inches and a discreet emblem in your behind it differed. But the beauty of this super roadster was in his V12 of 7.3 liters…

Only 85 units were produced. Today they are classics of the highest value, and in rare occasions you see a unit for sale.

In his time, was not simple or cheap to get a Mercedes SL 73 AMG. You could not buy directly from a dealer, despite being a model officer of AMG. It was necessary to buy a Mercedes SL 600 with V12 engine of 6.0 liters, and subsequently to pay about 100,000 frames AMG to transform into a car much more special. AMG dismantled the engine of the SL 600 and in the first place, increasing displacement to 7.3 liters. It has been one of the V12 atmospheric engine’s larger displacement of the last decades.


then, installed internal bracing on the block, and forged pistons titanium. Other changes have taken place in the camshafts, intake and exhaust. The result were some impressive 525 HP at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 750 Nm at just 4,000 rpm. With regard to the V12 of the starting, it was 117 HP more powerful. With a gearbox, conveniently reinforced – but still automatic five relationships – the Mercedes SL 73 AMG accelerated up to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and I had a tip deslimitada of 298 km/h.

The block 7.3 V12 M120 has been the maximum torque of the engine Mercedes engine’s larger displacement of the last decades.

As you can see, your engine was not pointed. Was the engine quiet, but full of torque, and with sufficient capacity to convert the rear tyres up in smoke much more quickly than it seems. The structural reinforcements of the Mercedes SL, AMG added a few more, avoiding contoneos of the chassis in such a dose of torque. The Mercedes SL 73 AMG weighed a whopping 2.050 kg. Until the arrival of the Mercedes CL 65 AMG 612 HP and a V12 engine Biturbo, was the Mercedes-Benz most powerful and fast ever created.

mercedes-sl-73-amg-2was Not the only Mercedes SL prepared by AMG. Towards the end of the generation R129, AMG launched the SL 55 AMG and SL 60 AMG. The Mercedes SL 55 AMG R129 rode a motor 5.4 atmospheric V8 with 354 HP of power, which soon after would be to mount the C 55 AMG or E 55 AMG, among others. For their part, the Mercedes SL 60 AMG carried a engine 6.0 V8 384 HP, identical to that of the Mercedes E 60 AMG of the era. Interestingly, the Mercedes SL 600 at the time were more rapid. there was Even an elusive SL 70 AMG, with a 7.0 V12 496 CV.

Pagani has used these engines V12 of 7.3 liters virtually from the launch of the Zonda. Their sound was always very characteristic.

Today, we are struck by a power of 525 HP in a V12 engine. The current Mercedes SL 65 AMG develops 630 HP and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque. But they are perhaps fewer cars special, produced more in the series. Also the power we have gotten out of hand: the Mercedes SL 63 AMG bring engines V8 Biturbo 585 CV of power, of which no one is surprised. But in 1999, 525 HP was a power disproportionate for a Mercedes a series. It is as if Mercedes launched a SL today with 800 HP of power.

mercedes-sl-73-amg-6it Is believed that the Sultan of Brunei acquired in his time 50 of the 85 Mercedes SL 73 AMG produced. Their units were slightly strengthened, reaching to 565 HP. Even Brabus launched a version of the SL 600 is equipped with the same 7.3 V12 and 582 HP of maximum power. When the production of the SL 73 AMG ceased in 2001, such a Horacio Pagani went to AMG for a V12 engine for your Pagani Zonda. Thanks to their good contacts and a friendship with a guy Fangio, won the supply of propellants to V12 for their supercars.

In the Zonda Revolution, this same V12 maximum torque reached 800 HP, after severe modifications and without losing your atmospheric condition. A marvel to behold.

Source: Fastestlaps