Mercedes SLC RedArt Edition: seeking to emphasize its most sporty

spring is just around the corner, and although by the
south and part of the Spanish Levante we enjoy for much of the year a
excellent climate, it is unquestionable that the time in which many drivers
decide to remove the cup and enjoy driving the open sky is
point-of-reach. It is for this reason that the guys from Mercedes-Benz have introduced
a special series of one of its roadster more and more popular, Class Mercedes SLC.

Mercedes SLC RedArt Edition

Mercedes SLC RedArt Edition, a new special edition of the roadster German.

Christened Mercedes SLC RedArt Edition, we are faced with an interesting alternative to the basic model. In its development, the designers of the mark of the star has sought to accentuate its sportier, with different specific details that also help to create an image that’s very differentiated from the Mercedes SLC basic. This special edition will be available for the whole range of the roadster German.

In the case of the Mercedes SLC 180, 200 and 250 d RedArt Edition its exterior is painted in a silver colour great with a matte finish. The rest of the options can be set up in six different colors. Your name, as it warns us of the trend that will follow the exterior design. details in red color make act of presence in numerous elements. Since the diffuser and the splitter front. We also find the insignia of the special edition. To this we must add a new alloy wheels lightweight 18-inch five-spoke and a glossy finish that leave the view of the calipers red.

Leaving to one side the outside, and taking a look at the images of the passenger compartment, the Mercedes SLC RedArt Edition captures our attention thanks to the unique upholstery in black leather with silver details. stitching and embroidery color red help to create a very interesting contrast. Nor can we let pass without a mention of the trimmed carbon leather-wrapped steering wheel, new floor mats or seats with heating system and AIRCRAFT.

Mercedes SLC RedArt Edition - interior

Both in the exterior and in the interior, the Mercedes SLC RedArt Edition introduces several specific details.

For its part, the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 RedArt Edition “play” also with the red color in both its exterior and interior. Obviously, sum all the elements of bodywork and equipment, it apart of the Class Mercedes SLC. The stylish alloy wheels AMG of ten radios and 18-inch or grill and splitter front are some of its main assets. For the interior we have the finishes and trim specific to this version along to the latest offering of the special series.

finally we get you listed full range that will be available for the special edition “RedArt” in the following table. We have since version Mercedes SLC 180 RedArt Edition up to the most radical and sporty, the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 RedArt Edition:

SLC 180 RedArt Edition SLC 200 RedArt Edition SLC 250 d RedArt Edition SLC 300 RedArt Edition AMG SLC 43 RedArt Edition
Power (CV) 156 135 150 180 270
Consumption l/100 km 5.8-5.6 6.6-6.1 4.7-4.4 6.2-5.8 7.8
CO2 Emissions g/km 134-127 g 154-142 g 123-114 g 144-134 g 178 g
0-100 km/h 7.9 s 7.0 s 6.6 s 5.8 s 4.7 s
maximum Speed (km/h) 226 240 245 250 250
Precio* 38.853€ 43.732€ 47.332€ 49.593€ 62.207€

*The prices above correspond to the German market and include taxes.