Mercedes: Something fast is underway, but .. what is


Mercedes has a surprise. A surprise with the seal AMG not, is not a new version of the Mercedes-AMG GT, as initially thought. Mercedes has unveiled a new breakthrough, a new series of photographs where it is clear that no, this is not a radical Mercedes-AMG GT … what we have then prepared Mercedes?

In this new development we see, by the features of the body, of the wheel, that front, that there is a Mercedes-AMG GT, there is another AMG under that camouflaged “skin”.

We could be before the new Mercedes C-Class Coupe , presented under the banner of AMG or we could be even longer before a new, more radical version of the new Mercedes AMG C 63 , it will already be a Black Series? [1.99901 million]

A 19-inch wheels and some carbocerámicos brakes is most evident that we have now before us. We will have to wait for details. Given the dates that we could be facing the main novelty of the firm for the next Frankfurt in September. [1.99901 million]

Gallery advancement of Merecedes:

See the complete gallery motor

Another recent development …

Mercedes recently introduced us to a new advancement system remote parking next Mercedes Class E, what you have in the article “The future is here, and will park the Mercedes E-Class from a mobile phone (video)” .

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