Mercedes starts the development of the platform MSA, only for sports

manufacturers not only focus on the launch or development of new models. Also do that in the creation of new modular platforms that can be employed in several models so as to reduce costs. Today we face one of those times in which we have to forget the body because the important thing concealed under.


To the naked eye looks like a S63 Coupe normal, even though it is not

Yesterday we received these spy photos of a mule testing a Mercedes. In a first moment it seemed that we were facing the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe, however certain details give us the clue to the contrary. Details as the roof line and the shortest distance between axes. In this situation our question was obvious: what is testing a Mercedes?

well, as we have already said, you must be aware of what is not seen. As we have been able to know the testing unit equipped with a new platform, referred to as MSA (Modular Sport Architecture). A new structure that will be used only by the high-performance sports of the German firm, roadsters and coupes included.

The times are changing and since the beginning of this decade, brands have become platforms scalar. These reducing considerably the costs of production and development, due to a fixed section, with a concrete action that cannot be changed, but with the ability to grow or decrease of variable shape according to the requirements.


If we compare it with the production model we take account of the differences

To see more clear, so you just need to do a comparison between 1995 and 2015. At the end of the last century, Mercedes had up to 12 different platforms with only they were able to create 15 models with various body styles. Between 2012 and 2015, and with only two platforms, the MFA and MRA, have come out of the factories up to 30 variants body.

A very significant change that will only grow in the years to come. Mercedes has changed its brand strategy, and from now on will focus on four different gamuts with four different platforms. On the one hand we find the compact and sedans, and on the other SUV’s and sports. Each branch with its own structure, its own.

Starting with the first, will use an architecture called MFA II, an evolution of the current. It will be employed in the smaller units of the fleet with front-wheel drive. That is to say the relays of the A-Class, GLA, CLA and Class B. in Addition of their corresponding bodies and some more is coming.


At the end of the decade we’ll begin to see the first units with the platform MSA

sedans, he also understands the families, coupes and rafters derivatives, will use a platform that will undergo major improvements, MRA II, manufactured in plenty of aluminum. This will constitute the bulk of the family, including the C-Class, E-Class and S-Class, once more with their respective familial variants, coupe and goat.

it Is from here where they get the news. The increasingly large family SUV will begin to employ a structure of its own, called MHA. From Mercedes GLC in forward, to the future GLS Maybach. All the used, by what will grow in the segments in function of the final length desired.

finally there is talk of the sports and of the platform that used this mule for testing that so many of the questions we have generated. The base MSA has been specially created for use in roadster and high-performance sports, with more extensive use of aluminum and high-strength steel with low total weight and center of gravity.

As we say, has just started its stage of development, and although for the time being there remain many details to be determined, we know that the first models in use will be the future Mercedes SLC and Mercedes SL, which in turn will allow the first to have a hard top rectráctil and the second one of canvas, something which for years we did not see.


In the not too distant future we will see the arrival of many possible variants

recently you can see here in exclusive of the arrival of a Mercedes-AMG GT4. A direct rival for the Porsche Panamera that will see the light beyond by the year 2020. As we have been able to find that it is very possible that this model will use the architecture MSA, it will be focused on display some great skills dynamic.