Mercedes suspicious, and much, BMW and water injection

BMW is convinced that the future of turbo petrol engines through the use of water injection systems to improve performance and efficiency , however, this idea seems It has opened a debate among its rivals, making companies like Mercedes-Benz openly show their opinion. Mercedes is very clear, water injection casts many doubts and many challenges for use in production cars, and so suspicious that this technology has a future. ¿Mercedes is wrong?


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Mercedes do not doubt the results, although the complexity and dependence which adds this system

When it comes to talking about technology, the idea of ​​risk is the most important factor is measured for this “new” comes to fruition idea. After that success matches your expectations it is another matter. With this clear concept BMW has decided to file and pull out a production system with many years standing and notable successes in competition. When speaking of performance, Water injection is a full warranty , hence BMW Motorsport has noticed her to squeeze a little more 6 in line installing BMW M4 GTS .

But make no mistake by the data you have given us BMW improved performance by 10% and reducing consumption by 8% . Water injection has its problems, especially if you stick to using this system under normal conditions. Application of water injection technology to series production engines is facing all kinds of driving and use , including movement in urban environments, uncovering the problem of depending on an additional water tank for your 100% engine and work really high compression ratios.

Special Model Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupé Edition 1 and the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM racing coupé As explained BMW , the design of water injection collect water condensation generated by the air conditioning system, but will more than likely need to be filled from time to time – especially in Winter – the water tank. Faced with such problems Mercedes claims that there is less risky and more reliable choices as improving systems boost or reduce energy losses to increase efficiency. These alternatives seem to make clear what the research of Mercedes-AMG, letting us see it will be very difficult for a Mercedes install water injection systems.

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