Mercedes: the fight for the title will not be resolved until Abu Dhabi


Photo: Daimler Media

Lewis Hamilton came to be at 43 points of his team mate, Nico Rosberg, in the classification of the World. But their recent successful run, he has been seen to prevail in all the grand prix competitions from Monaco, with the exception of Baku, has led to the british to be the lead after winning with great authority on the Hungarian Grand Prix and become the clear favorite to win his fourth wound.

however, Toto Wolff believes that you should not draw hasty conclusions in the light of these last six races. According to the head of a sports Mercedes, the situation may change again, as it has done since Monaco, and the Championship of the World may well not be resolved until the last event of the calendar, in Abu Dhabi.

at The beginning of the season, Nico took him out many points of advantage to Lewis, but now you can see that the situation varies from one side to the other. At this time, it is important to be able to win the race or be on the podium on a regular basis and avoid errors, since the dropouts are what you can do to lose the title. I believe we will see changes throughout the season and my feeling is that the title will not be resolved until the end.

Wolff has assured that there is nothing that makes you think that Hamilton is now unstoppable, and gave as an example the winning streak that lived Nico Rosberg in the last races of 2016 and early 2017.

Are only six races, and of them, you can not extract any pattern. We’ve been four years together and I think that for them the important thing is to concentrate on their strong points. there Will be a couple of races that will go best to one, and another pair that will go best to the other. The same thing was raised with Nico when he did so well at the end of last season, when the question was whether I could maintain such a good time the following year. And he did it. Overtook Lewis at the start and everyone wondered if we were at the new Nico. And, then, the situation has changed, but nothing that has happened can be attributed to a change in the performance.