Mercedes to be set four electric vehicles on a new platform


The first electric vehicle from Mercedes what will we see in 2018

offensive zero emissions Mercedes arrive sooner than we imagine. In 2018 will be the first 100% electric vehicle, of the germans of the four models is expected to launch at the moment. The three-pointed star does not want to be left behind in the race for the electric vehicles of luxury that started Tesla, and now they want to follow Audi and Porsche.

One or two electric motors

Thus, the first electric vehicle from Mercedes will be a saloon positioned half way in size between the Mercedes C-Class and the Mercedes Class E. After which will come an SUV of similar length, which places it among the Class Mercedes GLC and Mercedes-Class GLE. Finally takeover the electric range with a large saloon the size of a Mercedes S-Class and an SUV of larger size than the Mercedes s Class GLS.

These four models will use a new modular platform that is specific to electric vehicles that is developing Mercedes called EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture). Although it really is not new at all given that it takes a large number of components of the current modular platform MRA, which is taken as the basis since the new C-Class up.


The German adds to the race of the rivals to the Tesla

platform MRA will build on the propulsion system, electronics, suspensions and the basic structure of the body. Instead you will have other features that are very influential in the electrical and suspension adaptive electric power, electric system of distribution of torque and technology for energy recovery in the braking and decelerations.

battery packs -about 400 Kg – will be in the base of the platform, as does Tesla in their models, in order to ensure a better weight distribution and low center of gravity. The system will have a electric motor of 400 CV for models of propulsion, and an additional motor for the versions provided in traction integral.

The design that these vehicles will be heavily influenced by the Mercedes IAA Concept prototype that illustrates the article-enjoy personal aesthetic all of them to differentiate the models with combustion engines. The aerodynamics also plays a very important role which will impact on this section.