Mercedes to debut new engines 2017


New Mercedes engine OM656 six-cylinder in-line diesel.

Mercedes-Benz has developed a new gasoline engine six-cylinder in-line, which introduces a new technology of electrification “turbocharging smart”.

The new gasoline engine M256 is released the next year in the facelift of the S-Class, (specifically, in the version S 450) and has a power system of 48V, a compressor, auxiliary electric (eZV) and a Starter / Generator integrated (ISG). The latter is responsible for the functions hybrid, such as the acceleration or the recovery of energy, saves fuel, is a key component of the system is 48V and you can change the point of loading, increasing or decreasing depending on the state of charge of the battery.

The turbocharging smart dispenses belt drive for the ancillary components on the front of the engine and along with the physical separation of the intake / exhaust, opens up a space for the post-treatment of the exhaust gases close to the engine, as the main catalyst that is bolted directly to the turbo, shutting down in 20 seconds or less. The particulate filter standard is the only part of the exhaust system that is located under the floor of the passenger compartment.

The new block M256 has a displacement per cylinder of 500cc, offering unparalleled refinement in a six-cylinder in-line, but with the power and torque of the current engine of eight cylinders, more than 408 HP and over 500 Nm, but with CO2 emissions that have been reduced by 15% in comparison with the previous V6 engine.

turbocharging smart consists of a turbocharger-electric speeds up to 70,000 rpm in 300 milliseconds, and your controller sends a signal to the ISG to activate the role “e-boost” with 20 HP and 220 Nm. Then, the turbo double exhaust bigger is ready to provide a reaction extremely spontaneous motor. The compressor electric auxiliary (eZV) ensures a high torque right away when driving and speeds up, passing the time before the turbocharger exhaust cut. This eliminates the lag of the turbo.


Block M256, new engine six-cylinder in-line Mercedes-Benz.

The new six-cylinder in-line diesel is the more powerful of Mercedes until today

Is called OM656 and will also make its debut in 2017 with the washing of face of Class S. Is provided a new process of combustion of basins staggered, turbocharger two-stage exhaust and, for the first time, the use of the
variable valve timing CAMTRONIC, complying with the future standard of actual emissions (RDE).

All of the components of efficient reduction of emissions is installed directly on the engine. Supported by measures of insulation and coatings of catalyst improved, there is no need for a temperature management of the engine during a cold start or at low load, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, especially in short trips.The exhaust camshaft switchable CAMTRONIC supports the warm neutral of the exhaust system. In addition, your new system recirculation manifold and exhaust gas (EGR) combining refrigeration high pressure and low pressure, further reduces the untreated emissions across the engine map.

New V8 biturbo petrol M176 with disconnection of cylinders

Is one of the petrol V8 more economic in the world, thanks to its disconnection of cylinders at partial load and the positioning of the turbochargers in the “V” between the banks of cylinders. With a displacement of 3982 cc, the new V8 biturbo produces more than 476 HP and a maximum torque of 700 Nm from 2000 rpm but consume 10% less fuel than its predecessor of 455 HP. Its commercial launch will be in the the updated S-Class, with the version top of the range MaybachS 650, the same that has premiered on the Maybach S 650 Cabrio.

Developed by AMG to Mercedes-Benz, CAMTRONIC can vary the timing of intake and exhaust in the range of 40º closing or opening the cylinders 2, 3, 5 and 8 to improve the overall efficiency of the four cylinders remaining shifting the operating point to higher loads. The switching of the operation of closing and opening of the four cylinders is carried out axially by means of eight actuators that act on the mobile parts in the camshafts intake and exhaust through a selector by turning off the fuel supply to these cylinders and not letting mixture burned in its interior.


New engine M176 V8 petrol biturbo Mercedes-Benz.

the closure of The cylinder is active in the speed range of the engine between 900 and 3250 rpm, provided that the driver has selected the mode C (COMFORT) or E (ECONOMY) with the switch DYNAMIC SELECT, and is displayed in the main menu on the dashboard. As soon as the driver requests more power from the engine via the throttle position or the motor speed exceeds the 3250 rpm, the cylinders 2, 3, 5 and 8 are reset in milliseconds.

The transition between the two modes of operation is imperceptible, thanks to a centrifugal pendulum which helps to counteract the vibrations of fourth-order-mode eight-cylinder, and the vibrations of second order in four-cylinder mode.

For an immediate response from the engine and exhaust emissions low, the two turbochargers are now in the “V hot inside.” For the thermal protection of engine components, manifolds, and turbochargers of the exhaust are insulated to not melt the engine cover plastic S-Class (S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG have a metal roof). Unlike the previous blocks, this does not count with a system of 48V, but your alternator and the A / C compressor are driven by means of two straps short four slots, the water pump is driven chain synchronization, the oil pump of two-stage is controlled by feedback, and circulates the oil of the engine by varying the flow rate depending on the required load and the engine speed, measures that help to save fuel.