Mercedes unveils a new design center in the south of France

Mercedes is one of the manufacturers that invest the most in design. This is something that we could see a few years ago when the German firm took a turn of 360 degrees to a few lines conservative, and opted for the current forms, much more stylized and modern.

Focused on the design of the passenger compartment, the new center of Mercedes, located in the Costa Azul, in the south of France, is to be located on what is commonly known as the Silicon Valley French, and will house around 50 design firms.

The new centre, France will not be the only one with which Mercedes, which has four divided by Beijing (China), two in California (Usa) and Lake como (Italy).

“In this new location, we will act as seismographs, tracking the trends and requirements between the worlds of digital and analog, and integrating them in our cars in a way interconnected. The new centre will be a facilitator from the perfect interdisciplinary cooperation between all disciplines of design and will be unique in the sector,” said the chief designer of Daimler, Gorden Wagener.

The name Silicon Valley French to the south of France, in particular on the Côte d’azur, lies in the location of several major companies at a global level.

Hewlett and Packard, or Huawei, for example, meet in the Science and Technology Park Sophia Antipolis, located in Antibes, a small town near Cannes, where they work more than 2,000 companies.

Have several centers spread all over the world serves to Mercedes, in addition to understand the trends of a more close in various parts of the globe, have designs that differ, as a resident in the united States, will not have the same conception of design that someone in China or, for example, in France.

This is something that can be seen with the naked eye if we look at the different forms of vehicles produced in France, with others in Japan, for example.

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