Mercedes Urban eTruck, so is the electric truck of Mercedes-Benz


A electric truck with a high dose of technology: so you imagine Mercedes-Benz, the future of transport of goods by road for the following ten years, with this new prototype, presented in IAA 2016 of Hannover. After showing a preview with its first technical data, the Mercedes Urban eTruck becomes a reality with a design very minimalist and an autonomy of 200 kilometers.

Two hundred miles are very scarce for long-distance transport, especially if we take into account the time needed by the batteries to a full charge, but they are not so unrealistic for a transport of goods, urban or suburban. The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck incorporates two electric motors of 125 kW and 500 Nm, resulting in a total power of 335 HP and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque.


Their lithium-ion batteries are modular-type, so that it can be smaller or larger to adapt to the needs, on the basis of a standard capacity of 212 kWh. In addition, it includes a system of monitoring virtual that estimated their autonomy depending on the distance to be performed, the cargo and other variable factors, so leave nothing to chance.

All of the data from the driving and the route can be monitored through its own instrumentation and through a tablet. This electric truck can operate in three different modes, ‘Auto‘, ‘Agile‘ or ‘Echo‘, and with his triple-axis can reach to a maximum allowable weight of 26 tonnes, all without polluting emissions or noise in their operation by their electrical nature.

beyond a technology that surely will evolve considerably before a hypothetical step of the production, the Mercedes Urban eTruck is also noted for its special and futuristic design. With a style that is very minimalist and pure, drink what we have already seen in the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept, with highlights such as LED lighting or an attractive front grille. In addition, it does not have side-view mirrors, replaced by cameras side vision.