Mercedes Vision Tokyo, is anticipating the van of the future?

Mercedes-Benz Vision TokyoThe next day, October 28, opens its doors Salon Automobile de Tokyo. There will be a significant presence on the part of the japanese brands, but other companies are not alien to this room, which is one of the most important of the year. Mercedes will be present with a prototype of a van or minivan futuristic that has gone through a suggestive teaser that shows your silhouette.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo is the name that the signature of the star has chosen for this prototype, which at the moment we know very few details. Mercedes is joining in this concept, the technologies and features future that will be available in their vans, as the driving autonomous that will be complemented by a luxurious interior, and an exterior design avant-garde and very promising in this first teaser.

efficiency seems to be another one of the characteristics of this Mercedes Vision Tokyo prototype, with a few of the ways well worked to optimize the aerodynamics and to remind us of the prototype with active aerodynamic presented in Frankfurt, the Mercedes IAA Concept. It calls the attention the little glass area on the side. By the time you have to settle with this information on what Mercedes defined as an autonomous vehicle, luxurious and advanced.

Source – Mercedes

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